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Privacy and Cookies Policy

Data (thought cards) and Service usage info (e.g. which message was closed) is stored on your device in localStorage.

You can access, export and delete it. If you delete it from localStorage there is no (easy?) way it can be restored (at least not from Service's server, as data does not get sent to it).

Currently service is provided without any authentication.

All this means that anyone who can access your device, also can read thoughts you write on the page of the Service. But neither we (owners of the Service), nor other users can.

You can clean localStorage by means of your browser or by clicking following button. It will erase all data you entered on the page of Service and restore initial state:

Usage information

We collect anonymous usage information on the server (e.g. how many times Service page was opened or number of added cards). It will help us understand how service is used, if used at all.

This data is not sold or passed to any other partie, and not used for any personal targeting on the Internet. Though it can be used on the pages of Service, e.g. to show some message to longtime users. To reset this data read below about reseting Cookies.


We use cookies with session ID ("sessionid") to collect usage information and it also helps us to prevent CSRF attacks.

You can delete our cookies by means of your browser. New one, with different ID will be added as you visit Service again or refresh page. All data associated with previous ID will be deleted from our server after 69 days.