Planning Q&A? — Evryca is a platform for collecting questions, feedback and ideas

Get asked, discuss and make progress

E.g.: Evryca feedback, Pansper—Guarantee humanity a second chance

Who and why

Who Why

Content makers, teachers, interviewers, brands, sales reps, artists, activists, etc.

Collect questions in advance

Save time during event

Build knowledge base

Freelancers, minihotels and resorts, cofee shops, restaurants, office keepers, landlords, etc.

Ask for feedback, get direct advices

Discuss problems, be more open

Maintain FAQ base

Prepare in advance

Collect questions for QA sessions: seminars, webinars, presentations, conferences, streams

Take your time to get prepared

Save time

Don’t search live chats for questions

Don’t repeat yourself answering same questions every stream

Make progress

Store answered questions in one place

Build knowledge base your audience will ever search for


What is free, will stay free

No business yet—will find its model later (if any at all).
By the way, drop your ideas here

Making progress through exchange of ideas is a top priority